Urethane elastomers have various advantages when compared with rubber, plastic and metal. This is especially true in regard to the urethane elastomers made using our product Tolidine diisocyanate (TODI). TODI-based elastomers offer excellent heat and hydrolysis resistance, along with superior mechanical properties.

Concerning the manufacturing point of view, due to its longer pot life, TODI-based prepolymer is easier to handle in comparison to NDI-based products.

Technical Information:
Physical and Chemical Properties

NameTODI (CAS No: 91-97-4)
O-Tolidine diisocyanate
PurityMin. 99.5%
Molecular Weight264.286 g/mol
Package50 kg Fiber drum with inner plastic bag
StorageKeep cool and dry place
AppearanceWhite pellets
Boiling Point 195-197°C (5 mmHg, or 667 Pa)
Melting Point 71.7°C
Specific Gravity 1.197 (80°C)
SolubilityInsoluble in water and slowly hydrolyzed by water.
Soluble in aceton, carbon tetrachloride, kerosene, benzene, chlorobenzene, nitrobenzene.
Flash Point218°C (cleveland open cup)
NCO Content31,78 2 x 42 (-NCO)/264.286 x 100


  • Sealing (Oil sealing, piston ring, water sealed, etc.)
  • Hydrophobic hydrocarbon main chain
  • Automobile parts (Grille, shock absorbers, bumper extensions, etc.)
  • Industrial use (Belt, roll, caster, etc.)
  • Electric (Coating agent, etc.)
  • Medical equipment (Artificial organ, etc.)

Chemical Structure