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Hydroxypropyl cellulose for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food use

NIPPON SODA Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer of NISSO HPC (Hydroxypropyl cellulose), offering a complete product portfolio with 14 grades used for various pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications – most notably used as a binder for solid oral dosage formulations, as film forming agents and as suspension stabilizers.

The hydroxypropyl cellulose grades with various viscosities and particle sizes will provide the most desirable excipient functionalities for your applications, while the excellent technical support we offer can help address your challenging formulation needs. Our segments include NISSO HPC for pharmaceuticals and CELNY™ for food and nutraceuticals.

NIPPON SODA is dedicated to serving the health sciences industry worldwide and has been a leader in the pharmaceutical excipient industry since 1969.

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